Tuesday, January 29, 2008

yesterday's escapade/food trip

jules and I were just planning to have merienda in toll house to eat and talk but somehow life happens when we're busy planning other things.


Toll house is a famous snack house/restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga. It serves its famous chessy, mouth watering, creamy baked macaroni and lasagna. It also sells cakes, cookies and other goodies that are both pleasing to the eyes and taste buds.

So as our bm105 ended, we decided to head straight to Toll house thinking we have a 3 hour break before bio 1. Because of our charm, we were able to bring with us lorie, Marvine and tereso. I was just planning to order a baked macaroni but was persuaded of jules to order the tropical chicken. Jules asked if lorie, and me could share with her tropical chicken. But being a “masiba” and carnivore ( I officially stopped eating rice.. haha) I declined and decided to have an order for myself. Assuming that I am, the tropical chicken wasn’t the typical spring chicken with the gravy or some delicious barbeque sauce with the steamed vegetables. The tropical chicken was a backed chicken consisting of corn, carrots, string beans in cream sauce topped with mash potato. So what happened to me? I became saturated with it. I had to ask the help of terry and marvine to finish. But unluckily we weren’t able to. Haha


So they were having the feeling that we were not going to have a bio 1 class. It is 12:30 and we are still in angeles – thinking that our class was 1:00. Luckily, after a lot of text messages and calls, we weren’t going to have a Bio 1.

As they say, when its your first visit in a church don’t hesitate to make a wish. Here’s my ‘wishes’*:
Be rich – with lots of money.
Bless me and my family with our migration.
happiness. (with the back voice regarding ivan.haha)

*Regardless of what they say regarding sharing wishes: that is won’t true, what the heck.


Jules forgot to mention to me that Paula was included in our date in Toll house. So we decided to met half way thru and where else than in SM Clark. Because jules and I had a heavy meal, we were having a hard time thinking where to have our continuation of binge eating. After a while we decided to try café chocola.

I ordered a ice expresso (2 layers) or whatever it is consisting of coffee and having a top layer of milk. And I ordered a ravel bar. Sobrang takaw. Haha

So we had long and thorough conversations from relationships, academics, love problems to sex (issues, stories and queries).


Paula was having a craving of shawarma. And being a game person. I joined in. We tried turk’s beef shawarma. It was sweet and tangy. It’s dough was a little sweet. The beef was tender and sweet. The veggies consisting of cabbage, tomatoes and cucumber were very fresh and crunchy. Oh the greatest thing was that they have a unlimited cheese syrup that we poured on the shawarma – too much won’t hurt ei, and it was free.


Nothing beats going home to rest. I cleaned my room. Arranged my cabinets and stack. Threw my garbage and some unnecessary stuff. And of course texted ivan.

I wanted to share my message to him:

“whenever I look at my palm, I wonder which of those tiny cute criss-cross lines made so lucky to meet you.. and have you.. J”

Ivan: Dinner na.. J
Me: I hate admitting it.. but I really miss you. Kainis ka! Haha. Kain ka na. J
Ivan: J I mis u too.. *sigh*
Me: di nga? Talaga? Promise? J
Ivan: promisepromise. J kumain ka na?

The texts continued until he finally decided to eat. So another short time texting with him. At least I had a few minutes.

I slept while reading history of china and after eating some oranges.

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