Saturday, April 12, 2008


"For the youth and for the truth that we continuously fight for."

Last night, My brother and I went to Fully Booked Global City to watch Joaquin Valdez's movie screening of bulong. My brother was invited by Joaquin two days ago when we were in orange segment. Luckily, my brother thought of tagging me along for experience and to meet people.

Bulong is a version fantasy short film (about 30 minutes) of the allegory of the cave. It is about Lucio who is working for a "system" that is full of uncertainty. Then as he works, he hears voices (bulong) that he listens too but has hesitations if he should follow it.



- Good lighting.
-Simple script.
-Great message.
-Mind boggler.

- Long intro.
- Inhibitions about the lead actor being a reflection of a Pilipino.
- Lack of emphasis in the peak of the movie.
- Inconsistent transition.

.... to be continued....

** The movie is not recommend to little kids who may not easily get the message. Like last night, they were a number of young kids who has no idea of the movie.

Oh yeah, i was wondering who the cute and tall guy in front of me. Then i remembered when i looked in the guest book. It was melvin abundo, the kid (few years ago) in 5 and up. so cool. he was my crush then.

Celebrity sightings:
- LJ Moreno.
- UP law school guy
- A pba basketball player
- Lougie Himoya ( don't know)
and other more.

... to be continued


April 11, 2008

- first day of classes
- argument if to continue with summer classes
- seeing chris de venencia
-dinner with ivan (what?!)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dinner in Cabalen with Pioneers.

KTV with Pioneers (Kyung Hee University Students)

Yesterday by Beatles
Sung by Woong (Arnold)
April 1, 2008
SM Clark

last day with Kyung Hee University Students V

April 5 2008
White House
Korea House Garden

with Kyung Hee University Students IV

April 4, 2008
Practice for cultural night.
The White House

Subic trip with Kyung Hee University Students III

April 3, 2008

with Kyung Hee University Students II

April 02, 2008
Halo-Halo in Chowking
picture picture.
Dinner in Cabalen.
3-6-9 in the Bayanihan Park.

with Kyung Hee University Students I

April 01, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

so un-me

i want a boyfriend. promise. at this very moment i am craving for a boyfriend. someone i can call my partner. someone. someone i could have endless conversations. someone i am and can be happy with.
maybe being hurt with ivan have exhausted all the love in me. i need love. i am craving for it. i need love badly. but despite this need, i am not crazy and stupid to get into a relationship right now. all i know is i want to experience being in love. damn! why do i feel so empty!


who would ever thought that i would be able to mingle with koreans. hay. so surreal.
i feel so not myself.. trying to please them and all. i'm feeling so insecure right now. and i feel so superficial. i seem not myself. maybe because i don't feel good about myself at this very moment. with my blemished face because of last semesters stresses. oh! also, i know that i do not fit their standard of beauty. omg! this sucks. i like one of the koreans. he is gentleman and all. i don't know.
i feel so insecure. hate this. hate this feeling.


i'm going to redeem myself. i would lose the extra pounds i gain during the past 3 weeks. go back to the derma. and go back to my dentist.

Oh GOd, please fill me.. help me.. i need to feel good about myself. i'm irritated to myself.


see you in subic!
we are going there tomorrow.!