Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr. and Ms. UP

SM City Clark
Cinema 5
November 20, 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

can you finally be mine?

at this very moment i will type words that i am not sure if i will soon regret or be thankful for. I admit i am scared. I have questioned myself a million times if i should tell you or not. I wondered would telling you be worth the risk. Would worrying about 'our' future be the safest thing to keep you beside me?

i hate this feeling after we have talked ( the simple chitchat we just had)....the feeling of having a heavy heart where questions and sudden sadness fills my soul.. then, i feel myself shrink into a minute being. 'this' or whatever you call it has always been hard for me.

i love you. even without knowing if you feel the same way. but somehow i am starting to get tired. Not for the reason of thinking how long will i wait and understand but of how  hard it is to love you. was there really something i am waiting for? or was i hoping for nothing?..or do i really have to wait? i never cared about waiting because i was always patient..but don't blame me..sometimes my brain have the tendency to formulate such crazy questions. hehe

i believe that actions are more than enough.. but somehow i need words.. words..of confirmation... of assurance.. of security..

tell me. please. let me know.

then maybe...  i could finally rest my case..

aral mode.

2nd meeting of Saturday Night Drinkers Club

somewhere along the road.

habang ako ay pauwi sa pangasinan

dinner @ sumpa

the spot.

4th meeting of the Saturday Night Drinkers Club

school pictorial

with an angel in baguio.

with bez angel.
SM city Baguio

tambay sa mcdo clark.

last day of 1st sem.

October 20, 2007

tambay sa mcdo philcoa.

1st meeting of Saturday Night Drinkers Club

somewhere along the country side

sta. barbara pangasinan
kumuha kami ng iling!hehe

Barangay elections.

over-all coordinator
early bird

long live SO square!!

November 3, 2007
CSI city mall
spontaneous lakad

probinsiyana ako!!!

November 02, 2007
Malasiqui, Pangasinan
kumuha kami ng palay..wuhoo!!!