Sunday, January 20, 2008

28 'things' i want in a boyfriend

1. kind (gentleman)

2. great sense of humor ( can make me laugh and able to laugh at himself)

3. the biggest supporter of my dreams

4. passionate about his work

5. sweet and malambing

6. is a little boy at heart – has a child’s innocence and innate trust in the world and mankind

7. highly-tolerant and open minded

8. is sweet to his mother and sister (is he has)

9. well-read (smart and sensible)

10. loves to travel and see the world

11. remembers things I say, even ones I’ve already forgotten I’ve said (a good ListeNEr!)

12. someone who always look after the welfare of others (specially me!)

13. has a great deal of respect for women (GIRLS RULE!!!)

14. hopeless romantic

15. understands my mood swings

16. smells good!

17. loves my family and friends

18. fiercely loyal

19. someone who dresses well and knows what looks good on him (clean look)

20. doesn’t smoke (or other bad vices)

21. someone who openly considers me his best friend

22. someone who surprises me with nice little meaningful presents

23. outdoorsy and athletic

24. has wonderful. Expressive eyes

25. has cute little crinkles at the corner of his eyes when he smiles

26. courageously pursues his dreams

27. is proud to have me (accepting me for who I am I mean)

28. thinks I am the smartest, the funniest, and the most intoxicating woman in existence! hahaha

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