Monday, January 29, 2007

"it is not having the money or the prestige, it is having the enough fingers to count who you're real friends are."
- Joel tantoco

"you know who i am but i am not that anymore. I am in the process of becoming. Even i don't know what i'll end up being."

- ala paredes


Sunday, January 7, 2007

a little pissed.

a little pissed.

Happy Three kings to everyone! Actually belated, because it was yesterday ( January 06, 2006), same date ay my lola epifania or lola paping’s birthday.

We went to church this afternoon. To be honest, I was ashamed of myself for almost postponing our weekly routine. Suddenly I feel that I am not a good follower of God. =(

During the homily, I learned a lot of new things.
Here are some of the ideas:

1. Three Kings is same as Epifania. Epifania, like my lola’s name. nice.
2. There was a fourth king – Alabahar (not sure of the name). If there was a fourth, then anyone could be the fifth, sixth, hundred, thousand….and so on. We could be a kind if we just believe in Christ and follow him.
3. Don’t be StarStruck…… be ChristStruck.
4. Follow the S-T-A-R….. Don’t be R-A-T-S.
5. King Herode was a king…but a very bad king.
6. Even if you don’t succeed on earth..but if you followed Christ and have done good deeds…you shall be welcome and praised in heaven.

*these ideas are all that I could remember but he did told a lot of stories. I’m really bad with storing ideas.

I’m a little pissed right now. But as I write my entry, I feel a little better. Writing/Blogging is really a stress reliever. I am not really sure what the specific reason is, all I know is that I am in a state-of-being-mad-and-irritated. And when I am in this state, please don’t mess with me ‘coz you’ll really meet hell with me.

I’m been busy all day, doing all my papers. Doing a lot of paper doesn’t really bother me because now I’m used to being busy. Oh yeah, the printer still wasn’t connected. My brother reformatted the computer so I needed to re-install it. Suddenly, when my I was setting up the printer; my brother told me about the ink being low. I really don’t like when my brother talks in way that is serious at the same having a tone that I don’t know if it’s being sarcastic or mad or something. Anyway, being the changed person I am. I tried to reason out myself to try the printer anyways regardless of its ink being low. And guess what, I wasn’t able to use it. Blame me.The printer was so used up I guess because I was so lazy to change the cartridge a few weeks back. My bad. I know my brother is right. And being wrong or reasonable doesn’t make me less of a person, right?! Well, I didn’t think I should apologize to him because I never harassed him or quarreled with him in any manner. The argument was healthy mental exercise. All did was just reasoned out myself. Oh well, I went out to print my pdf and pretty much the 3 computer shops that I went doesn’t have an adobe acrobat program. So I had to export the pdf to word but unluckily the pdf was not tagged. So what I did was, I had to manually copy all of the text in the pdf and edit it in word. During this time of crisis, I was trying to call my brother, but he didn’t respond. All I could hear was his clicking of the remote; he was trying to find a channel to stick with. And at that point, I was so pissed. What a?!..who does he think he is?..the boss around the house…Just let him be...There is a always a good side in everything So what is great thing about the whole situation? The great thing is that I did not cry. Because every time my brother and I have a petty quarrel, I mostly end up crying. Now, I think I am now a little stronger and tougher. I am no more Miss nice , I am now Miss reasonable. I think,I am now a little different but struggling to still improve myself. Cheers to me. Editing took me about an hour. At least it’s done.

I went to the third computer shop to print the file I edited. I was kind of questioning her about the 2nd class ink and stuff. Well I think she found it odd. But the funny thing was, asking all my questions made me seem older and maybe that’s why she was calling me mam a lot of times after my questioning.

I’ll guess I’ll stop for a while…till I write again.. I need to pack my things for later.. I’m going back to school again… =(

Saturday, January 6, 2007

true beauty

"true beauty"

Girls who efface their beauty by make-up, who mar their lips by lipstick, who pluck their eyebrows and substitute them with a stroke of pencil,deserve commiseration: commiseration, indeed,for their lack of common sense. Looking around you see more masks than faces!. Mature women who go on like this are ridiculous, but young girls, on the contrary, force us to supress a smile .

Or rather, they make you think: what kind of woman will they turn out to be? Will they take life as an everlasting merry-go-round? What good can you expect of a woman who lightly alters whatever MOTHER NATURE has alloted to her? Is it possible that Nature, the source of the most striking miracles that our eyes can see, was mistaking in creating the ninety percent of female creatures, so as to oblige them to remedy her work.

POOR GIRLS! You feel like pulling each one of them by the ear in front of a basin filled with hot water and then handling them a cake of soap, saying to them:

"COME on, wash your face, you foolish girl!"

*'To love someone is to know their worth, to know their weakness but still admire their strengths. To love is not about looks, it is about the beauty in a person only seen by someone in love."

happy birthday to my lola paping.. =)

To my lola paping with love...

I was so sleppy the other night so I decided to quit reviewing for my Bm 99.2 (accounting). i lay asleep defeated against my sleepiness. this day came, i came to school at 7:35 am, too early for my 8:00 am class of bm 99.2. unfortunately, the class started at about 8:59 am - one minute short for the university rule. We have that university rule that if the teacher is not around 1/3 of his time - the students can leave. Being the father-like-prof that Sir Ozoa was, he reminded us about the importance of education in one person's life. And as usual, with great respect, he was still encouraging us to invests in stocks. He ended the class at 11:30 am. fair enough.


today is my lola paping's birthday. She is now 81 years old. 81 years of surviving and living in this world. hope i could last that long.wahaha

when the cake arrived; i was happily joking that the cake seems like a debutant's cake. To my surprise and without knowing, lola was turning 81. what a coincidence?!. maybe that's the reason why her cake was all pinkish in nature.haha

happy birthday lola !!!

81 going on 18


vinizza, me and jairus

home sweet home

mama, me, viniza & laarni (not sure if its the right spelling, she's my new found friend)

*so what was my lola papings' wish?
me: lola, what is your birthday wish?.. more birthdays to come?...
lola: any kind...

"birthdays are not about recieving material gifts but it is about being given another year/another opportunity to celebrate life the greatest possible way. "

Another cheers to my reformulated blogsite. welcome to my world... yahoo!