Saturday, January 26, 2008

a year from now

One year from now, i maybe reading this entry wondering what i was feeling at this very moment. Wondering if i did the right thing. wondering if i was 'really' happy with my decision.

Few days ago (wednesday - my second BM105 exam) my mum texted me that our petition for the united states was approved and one year from now we maybe leaving my motherland. Somehow i was happy at the very first instant i read the message. And when i called my mum to confirm it; she cleared to me, you are leaving for the states.

Until now few people know that i will be leaving in one year or so my Philippines and going to the green dollar country where i find greener pastures as they say - but not.I will go with a questionable journey wanting to experience a new place and a new life different from what i have here for 19 years. Somehow, i have no assurance of happiness or even security of what would happen to me there. But i am sure that i would take this chance.

The people who know about the move is my bestfriend (kat b.), my guy close friend (noel), my two loving dorm mates (hannah and carla) and my former dorm mate who over heard me talking in the bathroom (marie). I haven't told yet Ivan, the man i truly love, of such issue but i promise some day within the year i will. I am just finding the right time and right place. Oh yeah, ivan and i aren't talking on a regular basis so its harder for me to tell him. So are my other friends - jules and paula, my blockmates, my SOsquare, my highschool mates and others. I'll find the right time. And i want to them when it's near or when i am really and confirmed that i am leaving.

before i forgot, mum said that i should expect that the papers and other requirements may be finished in less than year. if this happens, i will still prioritize my graduation and follow after them in a few month.

oh. am i making sense in what i am writing? .i am not. sigh

one year from now. one year more of memories. One year of unexpected events. one year of smiles, laughs, tears, fears, and adventures. one year.

Today, january 26, 2008, i would uber seize the coming days. who knows, i may not be able to do things i want to do righfully when i still have the chance - when i am still in college and have the right to be crazy.

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