Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Marriage? Why not?!

(Sudden…Rushed ….Unorganized thoughts…)


Last December 27, we attended the second wedding of my cousin in Clark, Pampanga. You read it right. This is kuya jeff’s second wedding… but with a different woman. His first marriage failed and so he tried again. I guess that’s love you just try and try until you finally settle with something you really deserve and want. I hope my loving and perfect gentleman cousin really be happy with this one for he really deserve it.


 I remember my best friend in one of the birthday cards she sent me that she is willing to be my maid of honor until I find the one for me. And somehow, I realized that that may happen I would have failed marriages or be a separada, double takers on marriages or even a spinster. But I wouldn’t stop trying and taking risk for I am not afraid in making my own love story.


On the other hand, I thought of my parents together with their other siblings who had marriages over 30 years. Somehow I wonder how do they keep the spice and love in their marriage.


The two extreme opposites of  marriage: quitting/trying and fighting. Quitting – admitting that there are marriages that fail and love that may be lost; trying – moving on and taking another toll on love and life. Fighting – continuously fighting for the love that two people have despite the odds. I guess the wonders of marriage with the consideration of love are really a splendid and broad issue. Someday I will find out…someday I’ll know.. Someday I will experience it…. Someday… but definitely with the one who deserve to be with me..


*written December 28, 2007


  1. wee....i wish you 'd be married to the one, who really deserves you and whom you can call completely yours..naks..hehe..