Saturday, December 24, 2005

how can i put a tagboard on my multiply?...and all about love and christmas... multiply is just free that's why i can't put any tagboard...goes with the new saying some things are not free..for everything else use mastercard..corny..

anyways..i've changed with multiply because i thought it would be better but so sad i can't edit the html of this site...huhu..i'll try to go back on my former tabulas..huhuhu is christmas..but it seems like it is not..i don't know but something is just missing..its is still a merriful christmas..i hope.. =).hope papa is here....

a promise is a promise (to tina)...i wouldn't ask GOd for a love life anymore...i just hope this time things would change and would be different...

christmas maybe love life is not cold...eventhough i dont have that special some one...what makes my love life hot is my family and to those people out there..stop asking me why..i'm just happy and that the way things are... =)

till then..not in the mood.... but still


Merry Christmas! =)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

suddenly i became tired...and sadness for the sudden loss of my uncle rey...


christmas break pero it seems na di ako pwedeng magpahinga..ang daming homeworks na kailangan atupagin...


Read: "angels and demons" by Dan Brown --> for Soc Sci

Review: Nat Sci I notes --> exam for nat sci I

Research: The Hebrews --> for History II report

review,, marami pang pag-iisipan ko...


isa pa nga bahay nami sa manila..ako na ang mutchacha..



-tagalaba (ng sarili kong damit)

*kakapagod pero masarap naman kasi nakakapagsilbi ako kina papa at kuya


SO SAD..........

di ako nakapunta sa UP Diliman OBlation run at UP Lantern Parade...tinamaan kasi ng katamaran at wala akong kasama... December 15, 2005


---mga nakaraang pangyayari---


December 5, 2005

  •  nawala ang cp ko

  •  soc sci report


December 9, 2005

       MATH 14 1st exam


December 10, 2005

      Jules b-day..


December 12,2005

one week after ng pagkawala ng cp ko


December 13, 2005

UP EPP Oblation Run


December 14, 2005

 Comm 1 1st exam break na...



kakamatay lang ng tito rey,.,nakakalungkot..kung sino pa ang bunso siya pa man din ang nauna...

tito rey..sana masaya ka na ngayon kung asan ka kung saan kasama mo na si lolo..

mamiss ka namin..mahal na mahal ka namin...


2 women in birthday suits upstage 'Oblation runners'

First posted 03:05am (Mla time) Dec 16, 2005
By DJ Yap

TWO YOUNG WOMEN WEARING NOTHING BUT masks and wigs yesterday stole the show from 20 male streakers in their "Ritual Dance of the Brave" during the "Oblation Run" at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

For the first time in its 28-year history, the event featured naked women, who gamely posed for photographers in front of the Oblation Statue at Quezon Hall. They carried posters with the message: "Equal Rights for Women."

The organizer, the UP Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity, quickly denied that it had a hand in the women's surprise appearance. "We have no idea who they are," said the fraternity's media liaison officer, Joselito Narciso Caparino.

"That was not part of [the] Oblation Run. We never allow that," Caparino said.

The women surfaced just moments after the male streakers left the hall at about 11:45 a.m. They were cheered on by a big crowd, including high school and college students, teachers, office workers and reporters.

The women emerged from a car in the parking lot and ran toward the Oblation Statue, as cameras snapped away

Some spectators said the pair did not look like Filipinos but had Oriental features. They wore masks and wigs of long, curly reddish brown hair.

The women did not say anything, but stayed just long enough to pose for photographers--even taking instructions about their movements--before fleeing toward a waiting car, which sped away.

'We felt insulted'
The APO said an investigation was in order. "We felt insulted because only APO members are supposed to join the Oblation Run," Caparino said in a text message to the Inquirer.

At nearby Palma Hall, where fraternity runners were to make a second appearance and a much bigger audience waited, the crowd was abuzz about the women streakers.

"You should have been at Quezon Hall. There were women [who ran naked] there," a spectator told his companions. Some people expected the women to reappear but left disappointed.

Roses for the women
Even so, hundreds of students--many from other schools--who filled the lobby could not hide their excitement when about 20 young men wearing only masks and clutching roses streamed into the hall at noon.

Screams erupted and cameras flashed as the men, escorted by marshals, ran around the building. Each runner stopped every now and then to hand over a rose to a thrilled young woman.

The Oblation Run is a yearly UP tradition organized by the APO. Naked fraternity members run around Palma Hall, carrying streamers or placards, bannering particular issues of the day.

'Merry X-Mass???'
This year, the fraternity's rallying cry was: "Merry X-Mass???"

Big question marks put doubt on a merry Christmas this year, especially for members of the UP community who face the threat of a P65-million budget cut, said UP APO auxiliary chancellor Allan Espinelli.

"This budget cut is a direct attack on our universal right to education. It will only result in fee increases and impositions, lower salaries of faculty and staff, problems on construction and maintenance of buildings, which in turn will lead to low quality and high paying education," the fraternity said in a statement.

Espinelli said the APO was fighting for a bigger state subsidy for the education sector and the payment of back cost-of-living allowances for UP employees and faculty members.

Started as prank
This year's run deviated from tradition when the streakers also graced Quezon Hall, upon the request of UP president Emerlinda Roman, according to APO members.

It started as a prank in 1977 when five members ran on campus with only masks to promote the fraternity-sponsored play "Hubad na Bayani" (Naked Hero), a political satire on Ferdinand Marcos' dictatorial rule.

Avenue of protest
Since then, the run has become a highly anticipated event, attracting hundreds of students and visitors every year.

In 2000, the naked runners called for the resignation of then President Joseph Estrada.

The Oblation Run has also become an avenue of protest for such issues as fraternity violence, illegal drugs and acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS).


may 7 2005

my friends for life

October 22, 2005

may 10, 2005

Grad pixs

April 8, 2005

family pics

date: nung interment ng lola sening ko

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Start:     Dec 13, '05 10:00a
Location:     UP EPP LOBBY
hayan..tatakbo na sila...epitome of hubad na bayani..ayan na sila..hehe...excited in a way..dahil first...golly...makikibaka ata sir obet pasaway,...bird watching raw... hehe

Sunday, December 4, 2005

the family...?

ang pamilya ang sandalan ng isang tao...ngunit kahit ngayon ang pamilya ay di ka nakakasigurado...

ngayong araw na ito napatunayan kong napakaswerte ko sa pamilya ko..salat man kami sa kayaman alam ko na ang pamilya ko ang siyang nandiyan para sa akin.,,na kahit kailan ay di ako iiwan...sinusuportahan ako sa mga ginagawa at pinapangarap ko...pinapatnubayan sa mga ginagawa tinuturuan ako pag ako'y nagkamali o may di alam...masarap ang may pamilya...

kahapon..natapos ang 3rd hearing sa kaso ni papa laban sa kapatid..maaring naayos na..maari ring hindi...ang dami paring mga tanong sa mga nangyari...maraming ring taong nasaktan...THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE...

ayaw ko ng maging kawawa..darating ang panahon na hindi na kami tunay na may maipagmamalaki ang mga pangarap ko para sa pamilya ko ay matutupad ko...ang dream house at dream life para sa parents walang katapusang kaligayahan kasama nila...makakamit ko to..sisiguraduhin yaong mga taong minsang nang-alipusta sa amin..ay kakainin ang mga sinabi mararanasan ang karma..mamatay sila sa ingit dahil meron akong pamilya na tunay kong maiipagmamalaki...

Thank you lord sa miracle na binigay niyo sa akin..You are so good!...

sana maayos na sana itong external family naman ay makapagcelebrate ng maayos na pasko...pasko na pinagsasaluhan ng isang pamilya....


highschool life

mga mahilig sa picture-picture

mag iisang taon nakakamis na talaga ang nakaraang nakalipas..sana magkasama na tayo ulit... =)