Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changes and/or Adjustments

It has been a while since I was able to write again. A lot of things happen, from quitting my job as a caregiver to becoming a part time server.

December 2010

- I quit my job as a caregiver.
-Spent Christmas with Cj's family.
-Moved to Tita Lyn's and Eclipson's house and Spent a three party overload New Year's day.

January 2010

-Applied to a lot.
-Got interviewed some. Mostly got declined.
-Got my car a parking violation
-Kuya Ben took the plates in my car.
-Drifted ways with kuya Ben.
-Got new tags.
-Almost got broke but got saved thanks to CJ.

February 2010
-Got a server job at a restaurant! (One of things on my bucket list crossed.

That is just a summary. I will put them in detail in when I have time. For now, back to playing makeover with Alex, review my training manual for Ledo's Pizza, apply for more jobs.

Next week, CJ will be here! Yehey!

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