Sunday, December 12, 2010

God works in mysterious ways! Hallelujah!

I am really amazed how thing work out without knowing. God really knows how to work things out. This doesn't always happen but it happens when it is need or when it is really necessary. You don't even need to ask but things will happen for the best.

Things that happen in the 48 hours that really made me glad and amazed:

1. I was able to cook a tuna spaghetti. While eating it, I realized my taste buds have adjusted to the Indian sense of taste. I know I can reverse it to the normal sense of taste, hopefully.

2. I was able to hang out with Kuya Ben. He knows that also meant he needed to help me out with my errands.

3. I was able to eat at McDonalds. I was able to eat fries and have my favorite caramel frappe, if I was in the Philippines I would be too cheap to buy a frappe.

4. Kuya Ben had a funny moment. He went to the throne... in the ladies throne at McDonalds!haha

5. I was able to send money to the Philippines. I was going to pay the transaction charge by my credit card but they wanted cash. Good thing Kuya Ben was there.

6. AutoZone has the Brake Caliper Bracket for my 2002 Honda Civic! Hallelujah! It was $40 compared to $200 for buying the whole set.

7. I was able to eat at this Capri Pizza Place at Severna Park. I gave a tip of $2. I am really cheap so that was too big for me.haha

8. I was able to get my stuff from the other house. Finally! I never thought my car will get filled in but it was! My new problem is that I have to get rid of some stuff!

9. I was suppose to help Tita Belen move some stuff from her old store to her new store. I was worried if I can ask to take some few hours out of work because that will be a challenge. I don't know if my boss will let me out.

Guess what happened? Early this morning, I saw Tito Nap called. I was like.. ohh ooh! When I called him, he said the moving thing was moved to next weekend because there will be a snow storm tonight. Talk about miracle and working things out. That saved me free from a dilemma!

God really works in mysterious ways! Hallelujah!

Yey! I need to take a nap and prepare for my interview tomorrow! :)

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