Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (aka First Love)

Do you remember when you experienced that magical feeling that you felt for someone? The feeling that gives you butterflies. The feeling that makes you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. The feeling that makes you imagine having his last name added to yours. If you did, that is great. You had a chance to fall in love. But can you remember your First Love? The first time your really felt or you think you felt in love?

As I was glancing on my news feeds on Facebook, my college organization mate posted a trailer for a movie. I got curious then watched it. With just the first view, I got enticed to watch the full movie and started searching the parts of the movie on youtube.

The movie is titled "Crazy little thing called Love (aka First Love)". It is made in Thailand. You can watch the trailer of First Love here.

The movie got me teary-eyed because I was able to relate to the story. I am part of the 89% who watched the trailer that had the same experience. I did most of what she did for the one she love. I will relate the lines from the trailer to my own personal experience. I would basically relate it to my First "Puppy" Love in college, Ivan.

89% of the people who have watched this trailer have been through the experience

Walk pass just to see his face

Ivan transferred to a different college when he shifted from Business Economics to Political Science. The summer that I was able to spend in the college that he was in I tried and made sure to pass through his organization's hang out place just to see if he was there. Most of the time he wasn't but still I tried.

Keep his things as souvenir

I still have the things that he gave. From the tickets when we watched a basketball/cheerdance to a shirt that he gave me but I never got to wear because it didn't fit me. Maybe at one point in time I will let of go of them. I am not letting go of them because I still love him. I am not letting go of them yet because those things and the memories I shared with him reminds me of how I was before and how I turned out to be.

Call him just to hear his voice

Whenever I got curious of how he is or just couldn't hold myself why he hasn't contacted me yet I will call his home phone. There are times that I am lucky that he gets to pick up. I will try to make conversations but I know that the enthusiasm is not mutual.

Does everything to become beautiful

Like the movie, I had braces, I had glasses, and I was a little dark. Added to that, I was fat. In the last years of college, I blossomed. I used contact lens instead of glasses. I became lighter. I lost my pimples. I shaped up (not too thin). And I got my braces removed and had the most beautiful smile. He wasn't my sole motivation. But he was the start. My transformation made me more attractive to other men though not the best thing that happened, it still taught me a lot about relationships.

Or may be to to face him directly

Plasters for your wound

I can remember that night when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I declined. That was also the night that I admitted how much I loved him. The idea of "us" didn't work out.

Time Changes

There were whatifs after my decision to not pursue a relationship with Ivan but I know that what I did was a right decision.

People Change

I wouldn't be as stable in my relationship right now if I didn't go through that night with Ivan.

But the heart remains true

You have come this far, you must fight to the end

I did try my best to pursue my love for Ivan but there wasn't that much love in the end. I know the battle was just with me.

I can push myself to regret what I did but my past experiences shaped me to who I am today. I still look back at that stage in my life and realized that I have that much love to give to a person.

Based on the true story of everyone

My heart has remained true and pure. But it beats for a different person now. It beats for a person who loves me dearly and purely. It beats for a person that I want to spend the rest of my life with and wants to do the same too.

Each person has a love story. Each love story has the sad and happy parts. But for sure everyone will fall in love even for once in his or her life.

First Love.

It is nice to look back on how my first love shaped me to who I am today. My love story might not have ended up how I wanted it to be 5 years ago but still I am glad that I was able to share that "First Love" the best fulfilling way that I can. Also, I am having that happy beginnings (no endings yet) with someone named Christopher James Barnak Fulkerson.

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