Wednesday, August 11, 2010

whatever is lost maybe found.

I was trying to look for my ever reliable jogging(yoga) pants. I know I did leave it in this house before I met up with Cj and moved into another house (Dr. Gulshan). I was making the not having the jogging pants an excuse for not working out. But accidentally as I was looking for a different stuff in the closet, It just popped out. yahoo! My exercising clothes are complete again.

As Cj and I was about to end our conversation on skype for the night, I blurted out something that sparked a little argument. It was about me asking him to call or text me in the morning. But instead of the question appearing as simple as that. I asked it him like this: "Eclipson does it, why don't you?" It would have been better if I asked it without having to use Eclipson to make him jealous or to get something out of him. I have learned my lesson. We did settle everything. I just don't want to get bored with us. Thank you Cj, I love you.

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