Monday, August 9, 2010

the power nap did it!

I was deleting some pages on my Facebook profile because I have been getting a lot of friend request from unknown and creepy people. As I was looking at my pages, I saw the page entitle "In Memorian: Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc.

I had to google the feature of the love story of Alex and Nika on the documentary show Storyline and I found Alexis and Nika: A love story. The article which the love story was derived from the column of Alexis on Rogue Magazine which was entitled The Letter I Would Love To Read To You In Person.

As I watch the videos and read articles linked to their love story, I was starting to check on my relationship at the same time asking myself if I have the same passion to what I want to do as what they have. Questions that makes me wonder if what I am doing right now are getting me closer to what I do or pushing me away.

I slept around 4 am. Before I went to sleep I had a little window shopping online style. I really wanted to buy some stuff but I realized it is to impractical at the moment.

So I went to sleep... and I dozed off...

I woke up at around 8 AM because Dr. Gulshan was preparing her breakfast. She gave me $40 bucks for doing her nails yesterday. She was really nice.

I was getting cranky as Mooj (the woman I am taking care of) is getting confused and anxious. A big factor to my irritability is the fact that I didn't have much sleep. But a power nap of an hour solved everything.

We moved back to Dr. Feroz house. On our way, I had an interesting conversation with Ms. Tasleem regarding Dr. Gulshan. She was a martyr. She proved that marriage should work. She and her husband had a time in their life that they were living in the same house but aren't talking. That is harsh. That is why sometimes I cannot understand fix marriage and stuff. They were Muslims. She stayed they worked it somehow. Her husband as most people say is rude and hard to deal with. But she really did make it work for the sake of the family.

Oh well, the more I am seeing that it is hard to find a life partner. But if you found someone worth and rightfully for you then I believe the relationship will work. You should just find someone who values the relationship and doesn't overpower you in the relationship.

I am sleepy, good night.

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