Sunday, August 8, 2010

getting matched while doing manicure

I believe are things are getting better in my life. I am having peace. Things will not be easy because I have a lot more to accomplish. But at this time, I am reminding myself of what I have and what I want to accomplish.

Starting out is very hard for me because I am starting out from nothing. Literally, nothing. I didn't have money out of college and here I am saving some for myself and my family. I was able to bury my mom without debt and provide the needs for my brother and father. And even buy my dad's medicine. Little financial accomplishments can be a struggle but very rewarding knowing that every peso or dollar spent is utilized well.

On this lazy sunday, I was giving Dr. Gulshan a manicure and pedicure as she requested. She liked how I did my nails and asked if I can give her a manicure and pedicure. I didn't hesitate. She has always been nice to me all the time, no questions asked.

I was doing nails as a hobby. I believe I do great manicure and pedicure. It was a skill I have learned as I practiced with my own nails and so as my mom's. I have learned doing nails because I don't want my nails 'murdered' by manicurist. And also to save some money. Back in college being so cheap and keen on my vanity, I prefer doing my nails by myself.

So as I was doing Dr. Gulshan's nails, She mentioned Emerson Chang. Emerson Chang is the guy that the Padders have been trying to match me with. Emerson Chang is from Laurel, Maryland. He is a Physician Assistant at Padder Health Services. They were trying to match me with him because: 1) he is Asian like me, 2) he is Christian (not sure if Catholic), 3) he is nice (like me as they say) 4) he is already known by the family, and 5) he is smart and might be a good match to me.

I was surprised when Dr. Gulshan asked me the permission to build me up to him. I guess they are being serious about hooking me up with him. I didn't really respond to what she said. I did change the topic a little bit by asking if there were admitted lesbians/gays in Islam. I don't know if she got the answer she was hoping for.

I talked to Cj about it. Of course, he didn't approve of anything in relation to any other man dating me. He asked me if I entertained the idea, I said no. And to be honest, Chang is not my type. He might be smart, nice and all; I might seem biased but I don't really see myself dating him. I might consider the idea of being friends with him but not more than it. I know that love is still a floating term for Cj and I but I care more than enough for him as he is to me to even consider dating someone new.

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