Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cj: You are now officially an American!

I am the type of person who gets a little frustrated with things that doesn't look presentable especially when I am trying to please. I wanted to earn some extra cash. I have a printer that I bought for $20 when Cj and I went to a yard sale. The market selling price for it is around $200. I just want to earn a minimum of $150 for it then I am happy.

We just moved to the other Padder's house. The printer that I was selling is in this house. Finally, I was able to take pictures of the printer that I was selling. Because of the added information about the printer, I wanted to edit my listing on ebay. I thought that putting a new description and pictures will overlap the old but instead the new description became a continuation. The advertisement became a disaster which is very lengthy and unappealing. Being an OC, I panicked a little bit. Cj was online comforting me and bidding a little bit for my printer. He made things easier for me to bear. Because I cannot edit my old listing anymore the way I want it, I asked for some online assistance from ebay. I was queued for around 30 minutes the first time and 50 minutes the second time, good thing Cj was there to make time run fast.

So I was suggested to end the bid and star a new. Both which I did, I improved my listing and shortened by bidding period.Yes, the problem got solved. I did have my peace of mind. I hope I get to get a profit of at $150. I wish! :) Having some stress can give some adrenaline rush which I sometimes enjoy.

I got my salary for today. Finally!!! I get to pay off what I owe and have some money saved! Because I got my salary, I contacted Kuya Ben to pay my debt to him. At the same time, he brought my mails. He brought a lot of mail most of which made me suprised and happy. I got 10 mails from State of Maryland Department of Budget and Management regarding some applications that I applied for in the last few weeks. I never it went it through but it did. Because most of the replies tell me that I am qualified, I hope I will be interviewed and will be accepted for a job. Aside from those, I got my credit card and library card. When I told this to Cj that I finally have a credit card, he blurted out: "You are officially an American!"

Please bid on my Canon Pixma iP1500 Photo Printer. :)

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