Monday, December 6, 2010

How stronger do we need to be?

I have finished of Joan of Arcadia Second Season. I have mixed emotions after finishing it. The second season is the last season of the show. I wish they continued it but I hope that they didn't. Joan of Arcadia is my favorite.

Why do I think the show should continue? ( It has been defunct for 5 years)

  1. It was the only show that I never got tired of sleepy doing a dvd marathon of. It was not just because it was only 2 seasons but because the show is really great.
  2. The show has the best conversations.
  3. The show doesn't show any biases to any religion.
  4. The show is very easy to relate to.
  5. The show has a lot of wisdom.

Why it shouldn't continue?

  1. The show is becoming extreme fantasy. There is a possibility that there will be a war in the world of good vs. evil and joan will save the world.
  2. CBS just cares about the ratings does compromising the content of the show.
Those are all that I can think of.

So what are the thing thoughts have intrigued me regarding the show?

1. God. Who is God? Can he really be defined or identified?

My though: He is around. He is. We just need to have faith.

2. Freewill

God gave us freewill to live our lives but under his guidance. He gave us freedom to live ourlives.

3. Punishment

God does not punish. He gave us freewill but also means that we need to be responsible in living it. What happens to us are because of the course of actions and of connections that linked us to each other.

4. Strength

How strong do we need to be? What is the barometer for strength?

We know we are stronger than before when we able to overcome an adversity and surpass greater challenges today than yesterday.

5. Relationships

Relationship are not just within the family. We are in this together. Everything we do creates a ripple effect to everyone connected to us.

There are a lot more. I will try to remember them. But for now, all the wisdom are engraved in my soul. I hope I do embody them.


On a side note, I called my aunt because I was not able to call her the last few days. She left me a voice mail last week that she had a dream. I talked to her the night before I was going to quit the job but the night of the day or the day after I didn't answer her call.

She had a dream wherein my mom and her were playing some cards. Then our the family helper Auntie Conching, asked my mom why does she have a lot of stuff in bag. My mom said that she was moving. This dream was interpreted by my aunt about me leaving my job. She is saying and interpreting that my mom is worried about me quitting my job without having a job to go to. Also, my aunt kept on reminding me that I should be careful and be more careful.

I wonder if I did pick up the phone that night and the next day to answer her call, will I change my mind about quitting? Mom knew that I did not like this job though. But I do admit that I am a little worried about not having a work to go to after I leave here. But I know God will help me. I am kind of sure that if I even though I picked up the phone, I will still continue about quitting.


HR of Gaylord called me for a Job interview. They scheduled me for Wednesday at 10 AM. I couldn't do it so I rescheduled. Hopefully, I get a better schedule. I really hope I do get this job.

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