Friday, May 21, 2010

Pilipinas!!! (Philippine Embassy I mean..)

We had to go to Washington, DC to get the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) get notarized. After mama's death, we need an SPA to handle all her assets that are on her name to be handled by someone assigned by the majority in our family (my dad, brother and me). Having a notarized document is hard when you are in a foreign land because you still need the rights from your mother land. Or even having the family apart is really hard.

Embahada ng Pilipinas
(Embassy of the Philippines, Washington, District of Columbia)

Some wall art in Washington, DC.
I took this photo while the car was driving. Lucky shot.

This is what Cj calls an "Asian style picture". *The peace sign.*

Thank you Kuya Ben for taking me to my dad and I to the embassy. I love you so much.

Also, thank you for bringing me to the Chick-fil-A. I have added another fastfood on my list.

PS Next Destination: White House
Dream Job: Economic Advisor of the President or just work in the White House. :)

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