Wednesday, May 26, 2010

gelatin vs. gulaman

Gelatin is just a processed version of a structural protein called collagen that is found in many animals, including humans. Collagen actually makes up almost a third of all the protein in the human body.

The gelatin you eat in Jell-O comes from the collagen in cow or pig bones, hooves, and connective tissues.

Gulaman (gelatin) - or agar agar - is Asia's equivalent of jello. It is made of dehydrated and processed sea weed formed into bars - which when rehydrated and dissolved in hot water will then congeal to form gelatin. Usually colored red, but other colors are also available. A mainstay ingredient in halo halo and gulaman at sago. (


Gelatin, EEEEWWWWW!!! I never thought it was made from that. yuck! I am staying away from American Gelatin. Why don't they try the Filipino version of Gelatin?

Gulaman, I love you! I need to buy some of you from the Filipino Store or get my brother to package me some.

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