Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

Overcoming Wii

I am not a computer or digital games fan. In the surge of new gadgets and games, I am not the right person to ask. And so with the availability of Wii in the house, and the unending urge of Myiesha for us to play, I played Wii sports. Wii as everyone knows is a gadget what uses virtual interactive gadgets to play. I was like this kid trying to learn a new trick. I know and I play bowling but playing it in Wii is different. With all the buttons and unknown strategy. It was a game to be conquered. We also played tennis. Virtual tennis. And when it came to boxing, I thought my age, strength will let me win. Instead, the five-year old Myiesha has higher points than me.

On Parenthood

As I was asked to tuitor and teach reading and writing lessong to Myiesha, my patience was tested. And then the thoughts on me being a parent filled my mind. Myiesha is like the will-be-bratty-kid-if-not-guided-properluy. I knew that teaching takes patience but I realized it meant unconditional patience. This is so with parenting. Teaching a kid about reading and writing was part of being a parent. And so I was wondering, how will I be as a parent? It was now that I was appreciating how my mother was a teacher to me. I am pretty proud of myself not being a brat. But how did I end up not being one.

Parenting is different in every generation. There is no perfect guidebook for everything. And every result varies.

So like myiesha learning, I am learning to on how to be a parent or at least preparing on how to be one. I am not rushing to be one.hahaha

Myiesha's firsts

Myiesha is becoming so dear to my heart. Though I was intended to take care of her grandma. She is becoming my little sister or so a daughter. With her, I was learning how will I teach my future kids. Also, with her, I am happy that I am the one teaching her firsts and being with her as she does her firsts.

Aside from making her crack her first egg, make and cook pancake; I made myiesha go her first shampoo commercial and made her first injection.

She is demanding at times but I am dealing with it. I am happy that I am making her happy.

Kids are kids. You love them no matter what. :-)+

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