Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 12, 2010

Employment Dilemma

My Ate Christine called me regarding a voicemail left in their house's landline. Ipreo, a leader in software and market intelligence, called to ask for a phone interview. I applied to them in the last week for the position of a Research Analyst. I wanted the job, I felt that it fits me well. I should be happy as I heard the news. But rather I was in a state of dilemma. I was procastinating in getting the job and then I got bother that if I get the job, how do i leave my current employment. I am shy of one month in being a nanny for an elderly. It will just be my first month on the 19th. I am not in love with the job that I am in. But my employers and their family is nice to me most of the time. Yes, in the most common way i am a servant, a person who gives service. But they make it a noble job. Dr. Feroz even give me a phone line. And Dr. Tanveer gave a condition in giving me a laptop in the coming days or weeks if Grandma becomes better and does exercise or becomes stronger. I have always known that they want to help me in my schooling to get my Master's degree. But it is harder to leave when you are staying longer.

So do I stay or do I resign? In analization, this is a battle of ethics and ambition. I think I am scared of trying to apply for jobs for a while I am scared of the attachment or the responsibility I have with my current employment . I don't want to seem that I am using this family or job as a transition or whatsoever. I know that I am earning a less than I deserve but I am just starting. I want to give it time.

So what now? At this point, like I always do. I want to leave it all to God. I trust him. And I will follow where he leads me.

I just hope for the best things. I hate the feeling of dilemmas.

Oh by the way, I had my flu shot. Nice! a free flu shot from Dr. Gulshan. :-)

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