Saturday, January 6, 2007

true beauty

"true beauty"

Girls who efface their beauty by make-up, who mar their lips by lipstick, who pluck their eyebrows and substitute them with a stroke of pencil,deserve commiseration: commiseration, indeed,for their lack of common sense. Looking around you see more masks than faces!. Mature women who go on like this are ridiculous, but young girls, on the contrary, force us to supress a smile .

Or rather, they make you think: what kind of woman will they turn out to be? Will they take life as an everlasting merry-go-round? What good can you expect of a woman who lightly alters whatever MOTHER NATURE has alloted to her? Is it possible that Nature, the source of the most striking miracles that our eyes can see, was mistaking in creating the ninety percent of female creatures, so as to oblige them to remedy her work.

POOR GIRLS! You feel like pulling each one of them by the ear in front of a basin filled with hot water and then handling them a cake of soap, saying to them:

"COME on, wash your face, you foolish girl!"

*'To love someone is to know their worth, to know their weakness but still admire their strengths. To love is not about looks, it is about the beauty in a person only seen by someone in love."

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