Sunday, January 7, 2007

a little pissed.

a little pissed.

Happy Three kings to everyone! Actually belated, because it was yesterday ( January 06, 2006), same date ay my lola epifania or lola paping’s birthday.

We went to church this afternoon. To be honest, I was ashamed of myself for almost postponing our weekly routine. Suddenly I feel that I am not a good follower of God. =(

During the homily, I learned a lot of new things.
Here are some of the ideas:

1. Three Kings is same as Epifania. Epifania, like my lola’s name. nice.
2. There was a fourth king – Alabahar (not sure of the name). If there was a fourth, then anyone could be the fifth, sixth, hundred, thousand….and so on. We could be a kind if we just believe in Christ and follow him.
3. Don’t be StarStruck…… be ChristStruck.
4. Follow the S-T-A-R….. Don’t be R-A-T-S.
5. King Herode was a king…but a very bad king.
6. Even if you don’t succeed on earth..but if you followed Christ and have done good deeds…you shall be welcome and praised in heaven.

*these ideas are all that I could remember but he did told a lot of stories. I’m really bad with storing ideas.

I’m a little pissed right now. But as I write my entry, I feel a little better. Writing/Blogging is really a stress reliever. I am not really sure what the specific reason is, all I know is that I am in a state-of-being-mad-and-irritated. And when I am in this state, please don’t mess with me ‘coz you’ll really meet hell with me.

I’m been busy all day, doing all my papers. Doing a lot of paper doesn’t really bother me because now I’m used to being busy. Oh yeah, the printer still wasn’t connected. My brother reformatted the computer so I needed to re-install it. Suddenly, when my I was setting up the printer; my brother told me about the ink being low. I really don’t like when my brother talks in way that is serious at the same having a tone that I don’t know if it’s being sarcastic or mad or something. Anyway, being the changed person I am. I tried to reason out myself to try the printer anyways regardless of its ink being low. And guess what, I wasn’t able to use it. Blame me.The printer was so used up I guess because I was so lazy to change the cartridge a few weeks back. My bad. I know my brother is right. And being wrong or reasonable doesn’t make me less of a person, right?! Well, I didn’t think I should apologize to him because I never harassed him or quarreled with him in any manner. The argument was healthy mental exercise. All did was just reasoned out myself. Oh well, I went out to print my pdf and pretty much the 3 computer shops that I went doesn’t have an adobe acrobat program. So I had to export the pdf to word but unluckily the pdf was not tagged. So what I did was, I had to manually copy all of the text in the pdf and edit it in word. During this time of crisis, I was trying to call my brother, but he didn’t respond. All I could hear was his clicking of the remote; he was trying to find a channel to stick with. And at that point, I was so pissed. What a?!..who does he think he is?..the boss around the house…Just let him be...There is a always a good side in everything So what is great thing about the whole situation? The great thing is that I did not cry. Because every time my brother and I have a petty quarrel, I mostly end up crying. Now, I think I am now a little stronger and tougher. I am no more Miss nice , I am now Miss reasonable. I think,I am now a little different but struggling to still improve myself. Cheers to me. Editing took me about an hour. At least it’s done.

I went to the third computer shop to print the file I edited. I was kind of questioning her about the 2nd class ink and stuff. Well I think she found it odd. But the funny thing was, asking all my questions made me seem older and maybe that’s why she was calling me mam a lot of times after my questioning.

I’ll guess I’ll stop for a while…till I write again.. I need to pack my things for later.. I’m going back to school again… =(

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