Saturday, January 6, 2007

happy birthday to my lola paping.. =)

To my lola paping with love...

I was so sleppy the other night so I decided to quit reviewing for my Bm 99.2 (accounting). i lay asleep defeated against my sleepiness. this day came, i came to school at 7:35 am, too early for my 8:00 am class of bm 99.2. unfortunately, the class started at about 8:59 am - one minute short for the university rule. We have that university rule that if the teacher is not around 1/3 of his time - the students can leave. Being the father-like-prof that Sir Ozoa was, he reminded us about the importance of education in one person's life. And as usual, with great respect, he was still encouraging us to invests in stocks. He ended the class at 11:30 am. fair enough.


today is my lola paping's birthday. She is now 81 years old. 81 years of surviving and living in this world. hope i could last that long.wahaha

when the cake arrived; i was happily joking that the cake seems like a debutant's cake. To my surprise and without knowing, lola was turning 81. what a coincidence?!. maybe that's the reason why her cake was all pinkish in nature.haha

happy birthday lola !!!

81 going on 18


vinizza, me and jairus

home sweet home

mama, me, viniza & laarni (not sure if its the right spelling, she's my new found friend)

*so what was my lola papings' wish?
me: lola, what is your birthday wish?.. more birthdays to come?...
lola: any kind...

"birthdays are not about recieving material gifts but it is about being given another year/another opportunity to celebrate life the greatest possible way. "

Another cheers to my reformulated blogsite. welcome to my world... yahoo!

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