Thursday, February 7, 2013

So cute. Innocence.

Photo snipped from YouTube.

Here is the original video post on YouTube:

Here is the abc news article: CLICK HERE

 " Forget Barbie, ponies or princesses.

All little Madeline Dubois, of Nashville, Tenn., wanted for her third birthday was to ride the train.

With every wide-eyed squeal, joyous gasp and uncontrollable hands-in-the-air movement she gave, her reaction turned out to be priceless." (Source: CLICK HERE)

 ABC said it right. Her reaction was just priceless.

I saw this video yesterday through a friend's post on Facebook. After I watched it, I  wanted to watch it again and again. I have watched it more than 15 times already. And I will watch it again when I have a bad day or something. I even searched about her family. I became a stalker just for about 15 minutes. She comes from a loving family. That is maybe why she has that appreciation with her train ride.

When I was watching the video over and over again, I thought I was wanting to see the little child I was. But it wasn't that. I wanted to watch her over and over again to remind me that I still want to be a child and that I am still a child. I still want to experience the joy and excitement that she has. I still want to be excited and surprised. I still want to be cared for. That innocence. The unknown.

Watching her reminds me that I can still have priceless moments. That there will be things that will still amaze me. That I can still be happy.

43 seconds. 1 more reason to enjoy life and be happy.

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