Monday, February 18, 2013

A refresher. A new hope.

"Gonna LIVE LIFE 'til we're dead.
Give me SCARS, give me PAIN
Then they'll say to me, there goes the FIGHTER
Here comes the FIGHTER."

Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder

Here is an email I sent to Patty Laurel regarding her recent post

Good morning Mrs. Filart!  As part of my daily routine, after I wake up, I check all my favorite websites - 5 other websites and then your blog. I have been reading your blog since college which is like 6 years ago. By the way, our six degrees of separation is my brother. You've worked with him a couple of times. He was a photographer for La Salle when you were the courtside reporter for Ateneo and also he worked in MTV when you were a VJ there. 

I emailed you because because your recent post of the video of Gym Class Heroes' Fighter just gave me a refresher. Thank you! We are fighters. :)

I don't want to tell you my story but here is a glimpse of it - Coming Home

Fast forward two years from that, I have a stable job at the National Institutes of Health, I have an apartment. I hope to by a house soon. I have been back to school (sort of). I am not paying my full cost in UP but I am sponsoring a student in UP. Best of it all, my dad is arriving this Tuesday from the Philippines. Hello Filipino food. :) He is back. I don't mean to brag really. If other people has medals, what I have are these milestones.

But there are days when I break down. I still hope that my mom is still alive. I wish that I was still a kid with innocence.  And all the fun stuff. Like Madeline and the train. I still have issues with both sides of my family. I have learned early to dispute all of those issues and work hard for my own self. I have been through the worst and somehow sometimes I get surprised of how I overcome them all. Naturally, we are just fighters and our battle scars are our accomplishments. And God, our family and our real friends are our greatest supporters.

I have to stop I am getting mushy and I might not stop crying. Thank you inspiring me. Thank you for daily posts. Thank you for giving hope. Thank you for sharing knowledge. Thank you for just being you. Best of all, if you have reached this part ---- thank you for taking your time to read my cheesy email. 

I pray for your fast recovery. God bless.

Congrats and best wishes! I hope you have a great week ahead.


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