Monday, February 25, 2008


February 22, 2008


Speaking up.
Knowing how to assert what I want because I have the right and because I deserve it.
The feeling of liberation.. the feeling of being able to say and do what I want.
Nothing beats the feeling of freedom and power.

I hate it when people cut in lines. I was supposed to buy a few blank DVDs for my brother and I was after a woman who was like buying wholesale. So I waited.. and waited. The sales lady recognized a man behind me who was exchanging a damaged item. Its ok I thought because I was not it a rush. Suddenly there was this man who suddenly ordered to the second attending clerk, I looked at the sales lady in front me in a manner where the third world war may occur. So I declared that I was first. Gladly she recognized my imposition and received my order.Afterwards, I said thank you. The feeling of having the right and the power. Oh, the feeling of being able to impose my right to that darn man.

Don’t cut lines. We all have the right. Like you, I can pay and that makes us quits. So don’t try to boss me.

February 23, 2008

H: ivs, let’s work things out. 
I: : - ) nasa bahay ka na?
H: Smile lang? haha. Nasa labas kami for dinner, kadarating ko lang. Kain. U

>no reply

H: di ka na nagreply. Nakauwi na kami. U

Are things getting worse? I don’t know. My issue is: if you are trying to know if you are in love with me, I on the other is falling out of love. Ivs, if you don’t make a move.. you’ll lose me.. big time. There is a possibility that certain things willl end between us.. the friendship.. and everything else… because of this new setup.. but that is not in my hands.. it involves the two of us.. US.. not just me.. it includes you.. I hate this feeling that things are getting worse.. I hope I’m wrong.. I really hope I’m wrong.

Time. Do you still need more time? I’m sorry but I have any more time to give.

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