Wednesday, February 13, 2008

better than expected, so far...

I don't like valentines.. for one reason..i don't have to celebrate it. desperate? kind of. well i have my reasons. pretty much of it was a personal choice and partner i could call my own. A sign of it was sleeping early last night not reviewing for my company defense nor being excited for the V day.

But this day seems to be very different (so far) from the valentines i had in the previous years (puberty years). Years when you get that need to be part of such event.


1. My proposal got accepted in less than five minutes. No bragging. Sir bermudo, i love you. wahehe. To take in to consideration, that i chose to sleep than to review for my defense. Oh lord, you do work in mysterious ways.

2. I got my my period. After my proposal got accepted, i came out room 1 screaming and running like i won the lottery then suddenly i felt a gush. at first i thought it was pee because i had to postpone my visit to the cr prior to my defense. But as i ran to the bathroom and got myself locked up in the cubicle.. hallelujah, it was blood. after 2 weeks, i had my visit. the wonders of mr. bermudo. double celebration. haha

* i don't know if i should consider this a reason, but ivan texted me. After sending him 2 sms (regarding a great morning and having a great day), he finally decided to reply.
here's the sms:

Happy Valentines Hel!:-D

Then my mom sent me an sms asking if ivan already sent me an sms. Because she was greeted four in the morning while i was greeted after i remembered him.

3. A recieved a rose from a super friend. After my econ 131 class (which ended up in a mind boggling query and debate about applying multiple regression ms excel), jules suprised me with a red rose and a love letter. I have never recieved a red rose on valentines. It feels so great being suprised. aww. jules, i love you. i'll always be here for you despite most of the times being not physically present.

4.I got my check. After almost two months, i already got the reimbursement of our trip in baguio for the kasama sa up and UP GASC.

5. A wonderful visit, Sarah. Sarah was giving me a ring for a number of times. I was not able to mind because of our proposal defense. When my free time came, we were able to text and she was in clark for a visit. and she was having a sleepover on our dorm. Right now, she is beside me not knowing that i am writing about her.

Oh here's the challenge for the day...
I am currently battling, haggling for the slots of my blockmates regarding the proposal defense. so i'll be back to finish this entry..

like i said, these are the reasons that i had a great valentines, so far..

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