Monday, May 1, 2006

What a reunion?!

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Still I wasn’t able to finish my laundry. I had made it a goal that I wouldn’t move to a next goal without achieving the current one. I cannot go out to party if I wouldn’t be able to finish my laundry. Because of that single chore everything became a delay; but I did finish my laundry.hehe

The itinerary of the whole day was to watch a movie, go to the Bangus festival and have sleep over in myleen’s place. I picked up B. in their house and met up with kat e. and her beau, les, and myleen. They decided to watch “Pamahiin” – I cannot complain, with a 3 to 1 ratio I just settled with the movie; which during the whole time kat. e. and her beau are isolated.

“Pamahiin” is failure. Everything is bore. The movie was a total comedy not as suppose to be its function to scare the hell out of me. The crowd I’m with is such I cannot relate to. After the comedic nonsense / suppose to be suspense film, we ate at Mcdo with P50 cornered money from pao – whom we saw in City mall. By the way, Irvin was working in Mcdo – whom later joined us after his shift. While eating, our batch mates saw us – krizia, jie, cat lou, jhen m., maricris, and angel. We made a commotion – we hugged and had our kamustahans as if we hadn’t seen each other for an eternity.

Like as ever, angel came back and stayed with us. She has always been an angel and best friend I have called as my own. I started to have fun. Afterwards, we went to the bangus fest. The whole downtown was filled with smoke, long line of grilled bangus, and a crowd of people brushing themselves with other people perspiring because of the heat . We saw kiko which later joined and he hanged out with us. Finally, aside from angel, I had someone to converse with. Oh yeah, we also saw other batch mates /school mates of us namely – er co, charles floro and etc. antics

We walked along the crowd of sweaty stinkin’ people. Angel and I got separated from the group because we couldn’t get in through the crowd so we decided to take another route. Sadly, we weren’t able to meet our acquaintances. But gladly, we saw mae and bryan k. Bk chatted with us for a while and left; while mae stayed with us and bonded with us. We walked talking reminiscing high school. We decided to go to cat lou’s pad to find her but instead; we just dropped by to have some water. Then we decided to meet up with lou in chowking. Sadly, she wasn’t there and we were like standing there for 30 minutes so we could eat and finally we did. With that 30 minutes before seating, add 15 minutes till the food came. Funny thing is, bonding with mae and angel made me feel great and miss our high school days. At last, I had finally bonded with SOsquare again; after months of waiting. It has been a while and I’m so glad to be with them. I miss my friends – SOsquare. Guess the meaning of SOsquare?

Mae had a French leave. Her dad was drunk so they needed to leave easily. Angel lost my all the right move which is just fine anyway. All the while of our walking, our bodies were slammed and pained. Add to that, that there were maniac guys surrounding us taking advantage of the crowd. We went to cat lou’s pad again and waited for her; which after we waited and when she arrived, her parents decided for us to sleep there. It is like a slumber party in high school. We bonded and had a great time even though our bodies were screaming with pain because of the people that pushed their bodies unto us in the fest. Eventhough mae was at home, she made a way to connect with our chikahans through the phone.

It is a little bad for us to ditch our suppose to be acquaintances on the party but we are just damned tired. We had to lie – just a little white lie with just a single text, we don’t have the guts to answer their calls.

Things turned out the opposite. I had a sleepover in cat lou’s place not in myleen’s. Angel and I weren’t able to watch the fireworks – so sad but ok.

The next day came. We woke with cat lou’s alarm. We decided to extend some more minutes. We had a great breakfast talking about horror stories – “pamahiin” and “the maid”. And then we went back to chikahans and reading some magazines. Angel and I left before lunch. Hiya na kami para maglunch dun maski iniooffer kami. Kapamuks na kami eh. I gone home wearking a punkista outfit.hehe

I gone home and slept the whole afternoon. Ate lunch. Gone to the market. Cooked dinner. Chi-chatted with tina and jimboy. an update between tina and I - we are patching things up and we will go out this coming saturday. She is still my best friend. C'mon, we have known each other for 11 years.

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Christina as a korean

We had dinner. Guess what?.. after so many years, the four of us – mama, papa, kuya and I - in the family ate together at the same time – even though we had our own spaces. Nice huh?!.

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