Saturday, April 29, 2006

I -insert your name here- is Definitely Beautiful

Girls who efface their beauty by make-up, who pluck their eyebrows and substitute them with a stroke of a pencil, who mar their lips with lipstick, deserve some lecturing. Looking around, you see more masks than faces. Most of these girls cover up their insecurities with man-made creations or compare themselves to what society dictates as beautiful.

At present, many girls commit dangerous ways to “beautify” themselves. They either try plastic surgery to achieve high-bridged noses, liposuction to remove fats in their bodies, or they try the taboo ways by being anorexic or bulimic and the like. These are so dangerous, that they could even cause death.

What kind of woman will they turn out to be? Will they take life as an everlasting merry-go-round? What good can be expected of a woman who so lightly alters whatever Mother Nature has allotted to her? Is it possible that Nature, the source of miracles that our eyes can see, was mistaken in creating ninety-percent of creatures as females, so as to oblige them to remedy her work?

For years, media has bombarded us with typical images of beauty – models with long straight hair, stick thin figures, smooth white skin, and seemingly flawless features – which most people perceived as the standards of beauty. But these images of beauty are very narrow and stifling stereotype. Most girls don’t even fit this image, but are still considered beautiful. It is a cliché but a definite truth that: real beauty comes in various shapes, sizes, and ages. Here are proofs that such standards of beauty are just myths and that being short, curvy, curly-haired, and dark-skinned are also beautiful.

Being tall equals being beautiful. Height does not matter; you just got to have the right attitude. Like the famous saying; “small but terrible”; a perfect example is President GMA.

Being thin equals being beautiful. It is not about your weight – it is about how you carry yourself and how healthy you are. Love the body you have been given.

Having straight hair equals beautiful. Do you envy those girls in shampoo commercials with unbelievably straight, shiny, black hair? Do not. Those images are not real. According to studies, the truth is that 60% of the world’s population has varying degrees.

Having white skin equals being beautiful. Imagine if we lived in a world with only white-skinned people; what a pale and boring world that would be. Do not waste time scrubbing your dark skin ‘til it turns raw just to make it look fairer. Having more color on you makes you healthier.

I am not saying that being tall, thin, straight haired, and fair-skinned is not beautiful. It is. But these are not the only indicators of beauty. So do not fixate yourself to what society dictates as beautiful.

Real beauty is about loving and accepting yourself for who you are. It is about feeling good and satisfied. It is about not seeing your imperfections as flaws, but seeing them as distinctive features that are unique to you. It is about confident and being comfortable in your own skin. Hence, do not compare yourself to others and be satisfied with who you are.

In addition, it is not just about how you look, but how you live your life. You are beautiful when you are loved; when you do things you are passionate for, when you are kind to others, and when you exude confidence.

At the same time, real beauty is not always about concentrating what is on the outside but also in nurturing what is inside. Correspondingly, it is not only about accepting your physical characteristics but also oozing your character.
It is when you put little effort in making your face and body beautiful, but when you invest more on your heart and mind.

Being beautiful is also investing on your other assets – skills, talents and intelligence. It is better to have beauty with brains rather than just beauty. Not just the kind of girl you can talk to about everything but the girl you can talk to about everything that matters. As a matter of fact, beauty fades; so do not forget to invest on more important things.

You do not need to alter what Mother Nature gave to you, for real beauty has always been in you. So do not waste time criticizing yourself; rather, use your time to improve your relationships and fulfill your dreams.
Remember, there is something beautiful in everyone. You just need to start finding it and appreciate it. Celebrate your own personal beauty to remind the world of what real beauty is all about.

*** Definitely Beautiful is the real title of this article. This was an article i have done for my Comm 1 class which got me a grade of 33/40...hehe, not bad..hope you appreciate this essay I have done. Feel beauty and be beautiful. We all have it (beauty) in us..we just need to feel it and flaunt it.

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