Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The first times in our lives should never be forgotten

1. 1st time you tried smoking: ~ none.
2. 1st alcoholic drink you had: ~ 2nd grade. At a party, where there was a punch that I did not know has gin on it.
3. 1st time you entered a bar: ~ 4th grade with my mom’s friends children.
4. 1st award you received: ~ Prep. Best in Filipino
5. 1st hero: ~ papa
6. 1st time you were sent to the principal fordisciplinary actions: ~ none as of I remember.
7. 1st goal you accomplished: ~ Being myself.
8. 1st crush: ~ Our salutatorian when I was in prep.
9. 1st person whom you gave flowers: ~ my mom.
10.1st friend: ~ Christina dy.
11. 1st record you bought: ~ Prettier than pink.
12. first musical instrument you learned to play?~ Piano.
13. 1st local concert you watched: ~ Phil.Harmonic.
14. 1st celebrity you saw in person? ~ Ryan Cayabyab
15. 1st TV show you really like? ~ 5 and up ;D
16.1st buk u bought: ~ The gift by Danielle steel
17. 1st sport you played: ~ Swimming
18. 1st sleepover: ~ Mae’s pad. 4th year highschool.
19. 1st terrible fight: ~ with kuya. He slapped my face.
20. 1st inaanak (first godchild?): ~ Wala pa. =)
21. 1st debut (filipino girly 18th bdayparty) party you attended ~ Ate Angge
22. 1st bestfriend/s: ~ Christina Dy/Katrina/angel/adrian
23. 1st wedding you attended ~ Pamangkin ni tita delia
24. 1st person who greeted you on your last bday:~ Lester
25. 1st friend in friendster: ~ Chesca
26. 1st cellphone: ~ Phillipps Savvy
27. 1st collection: ~ hello kitty
28. 1st tym u saw a ghost? ~ can’t remember
29 .first lab? ~ soon.
*** i would like to thank badit for this questionnaire that i got from friendster.

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