Friday, October 5, 2012

Give Up Tomorrow

Even being abroad, I still get bothered with the issues that concerns the Philippines. And through a friend's recommendation. I've spend my Friday night  to watch a documentary film titled "Give Up Tomorrow". 

The story reads as if it were ripped out of the pages of a suspense novel: As a tropical storm  beats down on an island in the Philippines, two sisters leave work and never make it home. A 19-year-old culinary student, 300 miles away in Manila, is sentenced to death for their rape and murder, despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence. One of the most sensational trials in the country's history ensues, exposing shocking corruption within the judicial system and long-simmering class and racial antipathies among the population. Two grieving mothers, entangled in a case that ends a nation's use of capital punishment but fails to free an innocent man, dedicate more than a decade to executing or saving him. 
But the tale is true. Against a backdrop of tabloid journalism, political intrigue and police misconduct, one mother becomes a media darling, the other waits for justice, a judge commits suicide — and the young man remains behind bars.

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It frustrates me that the Philippines still struggle with a lot of issues. It pains me that I cannot do a lot being abroad but I am still hopeful. I will find a way to help. Someday is better than no day.

To watch the full length documentary, watch it here.


Fight for the innocent! Persecution will never be a solution.

Philippine Justice System, it is never too late.

"If you are going to give up, give up tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, give up tomorrow."

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