Sunday, November 28, 2010

joan of arcadia!

I was doing a marathon of my favorite show - Joan of Arcadia. I have watched 8 episodes straight which are 40+ minutes each. None of which has made me sleepy yet. I miss this show. Before, it was a dream of mine to buy the whole dvd set or better yet just finish watching the whole run of it. Coming to the United States put into reality watching shows that I miss in the Philippines. Coming into the United States made watch movies or series for free. Thank you to the American Public Library System for having almost everything - books, audio cds, dvds of movies, series and documentaries and using them for free. Now, I know that taxpayers money are being put into use. I don't need to buy or rent anything anymore just to watch or listen to something. One of my 'dreams' fulfilled. One material wealth or luxury accomplished.

To quote a lesson from one of the episodes (Friday Night):

Have you heard about the man, boxes and bridge riddle?

A man wants to cross a bridge. He has 3 boxes which is 50 pounds each. The bridge can only carry 200 pounds. The man weighs 190 pounds. How will he be able to cross it (once only)?

Answer: He juggles!

Explanation: The bridge is life. We carry more than what we take. So how do we deal with them? We juggle.


On another note, I applied for a taste tester for McCormick. I have to wait a few weeks if I do get qualified. If I do, I get to earn a few bucks, not bad.

I am a little stressing out on what to give the Padder family for Christmas. With a budget, I tried to source out what to buy them. I ended up with Papemelroti. I was planning on getting some wire hang with hooks. So far, the prices are good. Hopefully, the shipping wouldn't kill me with the prices and will stick with my budget.

Also, I know and have decided to quit. But this day, is trying to give me some second thoughts. Funny, when you want something to end, the time before you want to end it seems a little appreciative or nice. I had that. I had some compliments over the weekend and today especially when Dr. Tanveer blurted it out. I wasn't really that flattered. I sort of feel that he knows something about me quitting.

Dr. Gulshan also gave me a flu shot which will also combat H1N1. Finally!

I know I will quit, I will just have to figure out the best reasons....

I just don't want to seem that I don't have a sense of gratitude.

I still have less than 48 hours to inform them...

Holy Spirit... please guide me...


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