Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is how I envisioned Thanksgiving:

People sitting around the table. The turkey and other great food served. They start with some prayers and sharing what they are thankful for this year. Then, the eating and socialization starts.

I didn't experience that this Thanksgiving. I am at work; celebrating Thanksgiving with the person I am taking care of and her family as well. When we were complete, everyone just started eating not caring about grace or really celebrating the nature of Thanksgiving. They are Muslims and thanksgiving is one of the American holidays that they celebrate that doesn't discriminate by religion.

So what I am thankful for this year?

Dear God,

This year isn't the happiest year of my life. I lost mama this year. But doesn't mean that there are things that I am not thankful for. I know you took her for a reason and I am clinging onto that. But I do miss her.

But there are still things that I am thankful for.

Thank you for making me survive this year.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to America.

Thank you for giving me a job. ( Not the job that I want to brag about ). Thank you for making this job a way to save my father's life.

Thank you for being able to give the material wealth that I accumulated this week.

Thank you for making me know what family is.

Thank you for taking care of my brother and father in the Philippines

Thank you for giving me Christopher. Thank you for bringing in my life. Thank you that you gave me a man that will love and support me.

Thank you for making my article be published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for making me feel that I am not alone.

Thank you for making me hopeful. Thank for keeping my zest for life. Thank you for my future.

Thank you!

Please send my love to mama and lola.

To more years,



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