Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nothing last forever.

***I am a blog ninja. Here is a very truthful and very close statements that i am currenly relating to right now. I got this entry from my cousin angela.

nothing lasts forever.
even the planet earth has its end.
nothing is infinite.
the closest you can get to forever is a lifetime.
but life's too short.and nothing or no one has experienced it.

"sana nameet nalang natin ung guy na gusto talaga natin when we're old enough to get married..kasi for sure, this won't last..madami pang pagdadaanan so malamang you won't end up with the person you're with right now.."*

so with this said, we find every way possible to make it last.
it's so hard to adjust to changes.
I know that change is inevitable but it's of human nature to try to stop it.

nothing lasts forever, but we always try. And I just can't help but wonder
why we let it pass us by. forget the RISKS...take the FALL...if its what u
WANT...then its worth it ALL.

and though we're in denial that somehow, there's a possibility that it can last for eternity, we must never forget to snap back to reality. nothing is forever..


* this was my excuse why i didn't accept another chance between me and ivan. i want him in my future. i don't want him to be my past.

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