Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happiness does come with a price.*

Have you ever felt that "feeling" where you feel so the state of utter bliss. realizing that after all the happiness. .. you suddenly feel lost.. alone..and confused..I hate that feeling for i know that after a few moments..or hours.. there would be something that would pissed me off. And i never to be right.

Happy things yesterday (march 12, 2008)
- halo-halo
-i had the same birthday as ate kate
- i just felt happy
-kiligs because of the attention of erwin
-summer plans

Hate things
-econ 151 leakage
-educational parasites
-bm 141 company study; i now became responsible for the paper
-still hasnt reviewed for econ 131

soon i will be able to blog properly. after the finals.. the hell weeks. soon.after 2 weeks. i would have my free time..

*Carla (my dorm mate) said that a line from the song Cats and Mouse by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus interprets this.

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