Saturday, December 24, 2005

how can i put a tagboard on my multiply?...and all about love and christmas... multiply is just free that's why i can't put any tagboard...goes with the new saying some things are not free..for everything else use mastercard..corny..

anyways..i've changed with multiply because i thought it would be better but so sad i can't edit the html of this site...huhu..i'll try to go back on my former tabulas..huhuhu is christmas..but it seems like it is not..i don't know but something is just missing..its is still a merriful christmas..i hope.. =).hope papa is here....

a promise is a promise (to tina)...i wouldn't ask GOd for a love life anymore...i just hope this time things would change and would be different...

christmas maybe love life is not cold...eventhough i dont have that special some one...what makes my love life hot is my family and to those people out there..stop asking me why..i'm just happy and that the way things are... =)

till then..not in the mood.... but still


Merry Christmas! =)

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