Thursday, November 17, 2005

30 time killing questions

-------> ~~~~ ??? ~~~~ <-----------

1. How are you today?~~ the best! :philChoi:
2. Have you ever been inlove?~~ thinking...NO!
3. What do you think of love?~~greatest gift!
4. Define vain.~~ vain is someone who can't take their eyes off a mirror
5. in a relationship?~~ no :-X
6. What school is he/she studying?~~ he who?
7. How many ex's?~~ can't count! lol...
8. Ever tried being beaten up?~~ uhm my brother! hehe
9. How often do you go out?~~ Once a week or often not
10. Bart Simpson or Homer Simpson?~~ Bart!
11. Bestfriend ? or bf/gf?~~ Best friend.
12. Vomit or Sh*t?~~ Vomit.
13. Would you, by any chance, take your loved one for granted?~~ nope..
14. Fave song/s:~~ iris, real, kaleidoscope world..and a lot more
15. Beach party or House party?~~ house party, i'm not a summer girl
16. Describe yourself?~~ an outcast but a lover of life!
17. Tried doing the "dirty deed?"~~ huh?
18. Do you have a grudge on one of your friends in your group?~~ nope, i love them all
19. How much do you care for someone?~~as much as possible more than i love myself...f
20. Do you like girls/ guys who smoke and, or drink?~~ no!
21. Gold or Diamonds?~~ gold with diamonds :)
22. Pink or Blue?~~BLUE!
23. Dogs or Cats? not that of an animal lover
24. How often do you take a bath?~~ Like, twice a day
25. Ever tried wetting your pants?~~ of course...when i was little...
26. Talkative or Quiet?~~ talkative
27. Know how to play cards?~~ yep!
28. Know how to cook?~~ absolutely!
29. Popcorn or Icecream?~ can it be both?
30. How open are you to your loved one?~~ what can only be told....[img:552071] :blush:

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