Wednesday, April 10, 2013


In 2010, I had a lot of struggles - personally, financially, and emotionally. Due to those, I had to send my father home to recover from his quintuple heart by pass surgery because I cannot support him in the US while I was working stay at home for a family.

Fast forward, I was able to get a better stable job and acquire an apartment. With the blessing of my father, I have decided to bring back my father.

When he came, I was excited with the goodies that he brought for me from the Philippines. But to my dismay, I saw that he doesn't seem well. I found out that his medical concerns wasn't really taken care of while he was in the Philippines. I found out that he stopped taking some of his medications when he was in the Philippines. Also, I saw that his teeth was really bad. My dad has always had the perfect set of teeth. When he was at his last reunion, his classmates thought he had false teeth because they looked perfect. He never had false teeth. He just really had great teeth.

All of those made me upset. Where did all my money that I sent to the Philippines go.

But I had to move past that. I couldn't add him to my insurance because of his age. I couldn't get him assistance because I made "enough" money to support him and technically, because we are still permanent resident, so our petitioner (my uncle) should be the one responsible for providing us with help.

I scheduled him to medical appointments. I had to pay out of pocket which is really expensive. But I have to do what I have to do. I want to take care of my dad as how I should taken care of my mother.

So on Tuesday, he had a dental appointment. I was able to get him into the Montgomery County dental program for senior citizens. I only have to pay $20 per visit regardless of any procedure that needs to be done. We almost missed it because we didn't have the medical clearance that was needed which was never mentioned when I scheduled the appointment.

He wasn't able to get cleaning done because we were waiting for the medical clearance to be faxed.

What bothered me throughout the appointment is, the hygienist seems to be disgusted with my father's mouth. He is nice and all but it felt to me like she is grossed out with the condition of my father's teeth.
I explained to her what happened to my dad. She reacted but that was it.

Don't work in a field (medical to be specific), if you are not ready to see and experience the worst.

Medicine is about compassion, care and professionalism.

My dad is no ordinary guy. He is an engineer who have traveled the world. But he is imperfect. 

I am taking care of him now. He has every right to be treated right.  

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