Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When 2 percent changes everything

 I applied for a job. I almost missed the deadline but some miracle happened that I got considered. I was considered to take the test. There are 900+ candidates who applied but only 500+ who qualified to take a test.

I took the test.

My results:

65 Words per minute
78% Proofreading
90% Alpha Filing
95% Numeric Filing

Minimum required to move forward:

60 Words per minute
70% Proofreading
70% Alpha Filing
70% Numeric Filing

That 2 % is what cost me not to be considered for an interview even if I scored high on my other test. I could have had that 2% if I only capitalized some word, Inn instead of inn.  My other scores don't matter. I guess it is all or nothing.

Everything happens for a reason. I just hope for the best. I won't let this define who I am.

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